5.0 Bánh xèo – Hanoi rice pan cake

Bánh xèo:  4 type: Pork/beef/seafood/chicken.

Bánh xèo Hà Nội  is a crispy, stuffed rice pancake popular in Vietnam.  The name refers to the sound (from xèo – ‘sizzling’) a thin layer of rice batter makes when it is poured into the hot skillet.[2][3] It is a savoury fried pancake made of rice flour, water, coconuts cream, green bean,  and turmeric powder. It can also be called a Vietnamese crêpe.[4][5] Some common stuffings include pork, prawns, diced green onion, mung bean, and bean sprouts. Bánh xèo is often served with sides. Usually, some commonly added ingredients include leafy greens like lettuces or perilla leaves, other herbs as flavor enhancers like mint leaves and  balm, and pickled vegetables, usually carrots and radishes. Lastly, its dipping sauce is (sweet and sour garlic fish sauce). Elements of each side and sauce add to the fresh-tasting fried Bánh Xèo.


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Số 9 Vũ Phạm Hàm, P. Yên Hòa, Q. Cầu Giấy


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